You Can get new teeth in a day.

Implant teeth Surgery  is now Fast

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Is it possible to have a one-day dental implant for lower or upper mouth? Now its claimed it can be done in the one appointment. However Up till now patients had to go through many appointments over a few months with their dentist beginning begin with a titanium root post implanted and then the crown would be added for the finished work. There also is the inconvenience during this time where the patient is fitted with temporary dentures, which look quite artificial and are a bit embarrassing.

Earlier Implant Dentistry Took Months

The problem with the older method is the requirement to leave the titanium plug in place for months in order for it to integrate with the jawbone. But now everything is reduced to about 2 hours where the patient can have the post for the tooth to be fitted on and the actual fitting of the crown (the tooth or teeth) in the same operation. There is the warning not to bite too heavily on this new structure for a couple of months but all that process of false dentures and months of waiting is now eliminated with this new dental surgery technique

Implant teeth for a Model

There is the case of Amanda Pendry, a model, from Surrey in the UK who needed a procedure to replace a front tooth damaged from a horse riding accident. Originally she had it capped but the cap would work loose from time to time and actually fall off requiring another visit to her dentist. Needless to say as a model the sight of a missing front tooth would keep her from doing her work until repaired. She decided to get a more permanent result and considered a bridge as an option but then discovered the implant dentistry which was not much different in cost and went ahead with a new same day implant which looks so natural and is permanent. She now works with complete confidence  her appearance and the knowledge that the implant cannot fall out, as it is permanent fixed to the upper jawbone.

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Only Use Registered  US  Implant Dentists

Specialists in Dental Implants today do give a warning that this sort of surgery very much depends on the health of the gums and the bone structure of the jaw. Reputable Dentists will not do implant work if the jaw lining is too thin or if there is any sign of infection of the gums. Another added warning is to avoid the cheaper offers of work in the third world countries who are constant advertising and enticing people to save a great deal of money by having work done in their country. There are a number of horror stories that are emerging from these overseas practices and while there are competent surgeons in those countries a potential patient should do their research very carefully before making such a commitment.